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SeroVital has worked very good for me. It is a Supplement and many people are doing the big mistake of forgetting that this is a SUPPLEMENT and very often (nearly always), supplements need some time until you’re going to see the results by using them. I can understand people though… SeroVital Supplement has a higher price than average supplements and so people expect a lot from it and fast. I tried it myself and it worked for me pretty good. Indeed it would be nicer if it would have worked faster and better, but that’s still really good. it has a few downs like not eating 3 hours before and 3 hours after taking the pills but after seeing the way it works I think that it is worth it to my opinion. People tend to observe only negative things about the stuff, but they barely observe the positives and that’s what I tried to check myself. Other thing is – I do not blame those who say that the product is not working for them. I realize that this is a supplement and that it might not be working for everybody. What I can’t understand is those people expecting to get same results as when injecting HGH. I did have injected HGH and it is obvious the injectable HGH is working better, but this supplement is not bad either.

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