all my problems are because of my estrogen imbalance

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    Hey there people. I would really like to get some of your help which I would greatly appreciate. So well, as of late, I have been having some pretty bad night sweats and not only as I have also got some gyno in both my breasts but they were not some hard lumps, only some loose fatty deposits. I have been regularly taking tren and so that’s not a very big deal, however it does seems that the erections were only few of them and plus to that they were far between. And by the way… I can mention here that some yars ago I’ve been using synovex in order to remove those fatty deposits I’ve mentioned there, I didn’t remove the estro… I’ve done it because of some wrong information that I have read online… uh. Anyhow, no tren for some months and the night sweats have disappeared as much as it seems, but the problem is that there are still no erections so far.
    Well, it is obvious that I have addressed this to my doctor who continues to refuse in doing estrogen test, however then later has finally agreed in doing prolactin test and when the results come back it showed that the prolactin level is truly high! in fact, my prolactin level was so so high that my doctor got worried and has sent me in order to get a MRI scan to check if I am not having a tumor or something. What’s very important to mention here is the fact that he is not listening about the chemicals that I am using. When I’ve done the test it showed to be only 99 while the average is considered to be 77 to 690 (and by the way, I’m 54 years old), and yet, my doctor refuses to give me test and this is the reason why I have been thinking that this is it – no test then I am having no erection and obviously I have no libido. And yet, I did have got a test quite some months later which has showed that my number has been nearly 3000! As much as you can see, it is really really high but yet, I am still getting no erection!
    I have to mention here that yes, I am able to reach orgasm (cum), however my erections won’t last long at all and they are soft at their best state… I have to mention here that I am currently doing deca as well as dianabol right now. my dosages are: 300 mg of deca per day and 40 mg of dianabol per day. sorry for asking for help here on this hgh forum when I am taking such kind of chemicals but I’ve been reading here for a while and I saw that you know these things very well. I have to mention that I am not doing injectable test for more than a month now. for that high prolactin level that I have mentioned earlier, I am using vitamin B6, vitamin E as well as zinc too. Not sure if this would make you understand my situation any better but I am able to cum like 2 or even 3 times per day and yet, I am still not hard enough, not at all. and yeah, by the way, to make you understand a little bit better what’s my general state (my general health) I’ve got to mention that I am currently having no energy, I am having no sexual desire, I am still getting night sweats as well, I am also depressed, I have an absolute lack of mental focus, I am constantly forgetfulness and so on and so forth. there are some others but these seems to be the worst and what’s more important is that these are all signs that I am having low or high estrogen! And in addition to this all, I am still having gyno… maybe it is not as bad, however it is still there and that may be quite a problem in my opinion.
    By the way, I am planning to go to a new doctor in approximately 2 months and I have, obviously, some big hopes that he is going to be much more helpful than this one and that the other one is going to listen to me and my needs which would actually help. But until then I can’t live like this and I would deeply appreciate some help. Is there someone who may have absolutely any ideas on my situation? And more exactly on what I need to try that in your opinion may be helpful for me ? thanks a lot! I would appreciate anything!



    Oh my god… man… you’re going through too much of conditions right now in my opinion. You are a glutton for punishment now, lol! to be honest, if I would be you then I would drop the 19 nors all together and I would try something else new… and to be more exact I would try something like a combinations of low testosterone all along with some kind of primo and masteron. You can try this combo for a little while and see what would be your general state and what are the changes you go through. If you want, perhaps a little bit of winny in there would be a good idea too, but I am not sure. You may try the combination without winny and then add it, or may add instantly… you decide. Anyhow, as much as I know is that in case you are still having those gyno lumps then quite a small amount of the aromasin every day is going to help you. if you haven’t heard of it you can do a research first and see if you would like it. in addition to that, you could do quite a little bit of research about any of the products that I have mentioned here in case you don’t know what I am talking about. hopefully this is going to be a little bit of help.



    Thanks for the answer, I appreciate it very much. But I’ve got to mention the fact that there are, in fact, no lumps, they are just some soft deposit of fat on both my breasts. And that’s only when I flex. Generally I am not being prone to gyno, however I have got this when I have done the synovex conversion as I’ve seen someone saying with only Wesson oil to make 100 mg per ml. and then later that person said… oops, I am sorry, but you can only do it at 50 mgs instead of 100 mg as he originally said, the problem is that by that time I have already had the estradial in me from the conversion and that was said already too late. I can mention here that my chest has remained exactly the same since then and you know… this has happened around 9 or so years ago! Very much time has passed. I did have went through the dball test and others and they do not show me having gyno or anything.

    And by the way, I am not even worried at all about this at any point, I am only worried about my penis functionality as I would like to restore it back to normal, now I am having no night erection and no morning erection – nothing. By the way, I can mention here that in the past, my ankles have been used to swell really really bad in the past, that’s from when I have been doing the synovex, however this has not happened in years now, not sure if this is any helpful. But this made me think… does the estrogen ever gets out of your system on its own? I mean, without trying to get it out yourself? It didn’t get in there from aromatizing it was already in the synovex. So, now, even after all these years I am not sure if letro would help me or nolva would.
    I also can mention here that I have been going to run prami for prolactin (it is high as I have said) as well as mayve letro for my estrogen. Yeah, I do know here that tren or deca, technically, does not covert into estrogen, however it does progesterone which is going to make that soft area under the nipples waiting for the estrogen in order to make it gyno or lactate. With all of this said, I am currently thinking to use both of them in order to lower the prolactin and the estrogen, do you think this might be a good idea? after that, if I am going to lower the estrogen too much simply to stop both use test and dball in order to get some conversion going and I think that I should be quite good as the prolactin should be low and the testosterone and the estrogen levels both need to be within the good range. What do you people think about all of this? thanks!



    frankly, it does seem to me as if you are not controlling your estrogen levels at all, at least in my opinion. The erectile dysfunction condition that is being caused by the high estrogen level can take up to like a month or so in order to get improved after the estrogen is being constantly controlled. And by the way, the prolactin on top is going to make it even harder to get an erection so with this being said it is no wonder that you have a hard time getting an erection and it won’t be a surprise if you won’t be able to achieve one in the future either because of what you are planning to do. In fact, I think that it is quite obvious for me that you don’t actually know what you are doing. In my opinion there’s still a lot for you to learn.
    Well, here’s what you would need to do now: stop throwing the compounds without having the corresponding ancillaries and a really good plan that you would need to follow at least (in case you are not having any access to the blood work). So, not to make it complicated, I am going to try to simplify it all: during the time that you are running testosterone or dianabol, you need to run a preventive amount or some aromatase inhibitors and you should have known this. it is obvious that the lab work can help you to dial it perfectly, however there are other things in between…
    You should not run deca or tren for way too long without having caber or prami on hand and he has prepared to drop the 19nor compound INSTANTLY in case you start to have a dysfunction. Once again, the lab can also point you into a good direction in case the prolactin level is going to start getting higher.
    In short, if I would be you in your situation then I would try to lower my estrogen and my prolactin levels as well as to drop all the compounds and to keep the test at a trt dosage (which is like about 100 mgs per week) and would do it until I would finally start noticing to have some good results. You should try to avoid overdoing Als or Caber, in case you are going to drop high dosages and the problem compounds your E2 and the Prolactin need to go right in the good range like in about a week or so after you’re going to start the medication (caber asin). I really hope that this is going to be of any help, in the end, I just recommend you to do your research more before taking a decision and doing anything else to your body.



    To be honest, you post seems to me so so nonsensical that it is quite impossible to actually determine a cause and effect relationship.

    and yeah, by the way, to make you understand a little bit better what’s my general state (my general health) I’ve got to mention that I am currently having no energy, I am having no sexual desire, I am still getting night sweats as well, I am also depressed, I have an absolute lack of mental focus, I am constantly forgetfulness and so on and so forth. there are some others but these seems to be the worst and what’s more important is that these are all signs that I am having low or high estrogen!

    And I have outlined this part of your post because what you have said up there it is actually not a result of a high/ low e2. You should research more.



    Well, I haven’t got it right… are you actually suffering from depression right now?



    Hey there Ruckman, as i have already mentioned this on some multiple occasions here, it is quite often what we are NOT being told which is grossly limiting our ability in order to provide an good and what’s more important – an meaningful insight or assistance in those situations like the one the OP described that is in right now.

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