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    Hello there everyone, I would appreciate if some of you could help me a little bit on my question. so well, I am generally all new to cutting so any advices on it would be appreciated. I’ve been working out for a good while now but by goals have always been to bulk up and to gain muscle mass – never had a problem with fat and never been over weight. Since I’ve been in need of muscle mass, obviously, I never focused on cutting and this is all new to me. however, I am now in need of doing it and just as of recent I have started to want to drop some fat and this is the reason why I would appreciate if some of you could help me in answering which types are the best for preserving the muscle mass? Not sure if that’s true or not but from the little that I have heard – the HIIT is good, however I don’t really know many workouts for it except for sprints and doing the ropes… does any of you have some suggestions/ recommendations for me? anything would be appreciated! Thank you!



    Well, what comes into my mind is that you’ve got to sprint for 30 seconds and then walk for 30 seconds. Repeat that 10 times, it should work wonders for you.



    So well… I definitely cannot say that it is all the best, however I just can say that working a heavy bag for about an hour is going to get your heart rate way way up and this is going to give you a decent core workout at the same time. maybe this would help you.



    I know one which is going to work for sure: doggy style sex! Trust me it would work wonders! There’s nothing that gets me more sweater than the doggy style sex as well as my heart beating more than a solid hour of plain and hard sex. Plus to that, it is draining you in more ways that only one, perfect!



    Well, are the weighted sled sprints fine? do you think that they are going to help for my needs? thank you!



    Here’s a little bit of an update: I have done 5 sets of sled sprints… I have loaded 185 pounds. Back and forth has been only one set. After that I have done 4 sets of 30 second sprints and I have done 30 sets walking. But that was really hard… I have been dizzy and I have been all coughing during the time I was doing it. it is definitely making me feel out of shape for sure! I expected that it is going to be some different, but I haven’t expected that it would be so different, to be honest.



    Oh well, I personally liked it (well, in fact, I mean that I didn’t liked it to be honest, only some crazy people can like the cardio stuff) to do HIIT cardio, however incorporating some other things like for example such as box jumps, tire flips or maybe heavy kettlebell swings and so on and so forth as there are many other things that you are able to do and when I have been doing it – it both worked like a cardio but it has felt more like I have been lifting weights which I actually like instead of doing actual cardio. Plus to that, I have a feeling that by doing this it helps more with the actual cardio either. Hopefully this helps.



    I personally really like to do stairs when I am having a pack on, I really feel as if this helps a lot but what’s more important is that it is a lot much more easier on my knees than when running. I personally would do 25, 50, 75 as well as 100 flights of stairs with a pack. This is the way I have trained when I have ran 1/2 marathons and it really helped me a lot. I recommend this both because it is easier on the knees but I could also feel that it gets me in the shape pretty quicker than when running. It helps so good because, I personally, would start sweating after approximately 10 flights but each flight has been 20 steps so that’s really helpful, for me, and hopefully it would be helpful for you too if you would do it.



    Hey there Xylashe, what you have said that you’ve done on your update that is really really good to be honest, however do 15 minutes worth, start at 3x per week intervals of 30/30, or 15/30 since both of them are pretty good. This is the way that I personally am going to HIIT by the way and this is a really good way.



    So well, here it is the way that it is going to be personally for me: the first thing is stair climber; after that the second one is incline walk at only anywhere 2.7 mph on treadmill, however the trick it is not to hold handles (you’ve just got to try it, only 2.7 mph is going to kick your arse when you are not holding handles), and then it goes the third thing which is swimming laps (it is only in the number three and it is not first due to the fact that it is extremely high in intensity and that’s why I am not doing this one as often, however this involves an extremely good cardio exercise and it is also good to work my joints and to get a back pump as well. This involves something really helpful and interesting so I hope that this is something you would love too.
    But there are also some other types of cardio exercises which are among the top, at least for me, and they include mountain biking hard for like about 40 minutes to one hour at least once in a while (but it is limited to me to somewhere like twice in a week maximum so it does not take way too much away from the leg recovery), there are also others such as running real stairs outside which I like and of course – hiking real mountains can be both helpful and super interesting. Hopefully this is going to be helpful for you.



    In fact, to be honest, I do think that stairmill it is, in fact, all that you’re going to need for getting in shape really good. I personally am doing 15 minutes of it after every single workout that I have and I also do it 40 minutes on the Saturdays and on the Sundays morning fasted so it does an amazing job so, according to the results that I’ve got myself, I can recommend you do to the same thing too.



    If you would like to use something that doesn’t require a high intensity and yet it is still really helpful then I can recommend you what I personally am doing and finding it helpful. And I really like it. I like to wake up in the morning and walk for like anywhere between half an hour to one full hour (fasted) mostly depending on how I am looking and then, the rest of the day to hit at least (but obviously, preferably over) 10k steps. Of course you can’t keep track of how many steps you have but thankfully, we live in 2018 and so you could use the pedometer on your smartphone, something that’s super helpful. Once again, this might be a method that is not suitable for everyone, but at least personally for me – this is working very very good and I do like it. The reason why I have started with this low intensity cardio is because the high intensity one can, sometimes, blunt fat loss for me and sometimes to even cause some sub q inflammation which is horrible for me as I am a person that is very sensitive to the cortisol. I do know that there are some people who might not have this patience of going through this low intensity cardio as there are people who only love high intensity ones, but everyone is different so you might like this method as well. And yes, once in a while, the HIIT method indeed can really really shine very well, however if I personally am going to keep doing it like that then I wouldn’t like it all and I won’t like the way that my physique is going to look. Again, that’s something what’s working for me, however I personally would rather do heavy compounds as well as high volume training with a lot of supersets in the time that I am keeping LISS cardio. The LISS is burning more fat due to the fact that you are able to consume more oxygen while doing it and therefore you are oxidizing more fat so it goes away. But then again, I do know and I perfectly understand that there are some people who would rather prefer HIIT and since I don’t know into which method you are more, Xylashe, you need to decide yourself which one is suitable more for you.

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