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    Is there anyone who has ever wondered about this? I mean, why does bad things are happening to good people? Regardless of how good you’re trying to be and yet bad things still happen. You are still trying to be the best possible you and regardless of the situation or people you’re dealing with – either it is your family, your friends, a complete stranger, the law or whatever or whoever else, still – all of this only brings bad things, unpleasant situations etc. etc. into your life. Why this happens? How to deal with this? and plus to that, you see others who are doing *inhumane* or at least less human that you do and yet – they’re all fine!
    I might be wrong but I can feel that this might be helpful… how you’re people coping with all these bad situations and things that is happing to you and to your life that you are not being able to control? Anything would be appreciated. Thanks!



    You know… you’ve got to remember that you will always be here long after all of those bad situations and bad things are coming and going. We can’t control the weather and from time to time the storm comes but you’ve got to remember – it always goes away. I can assume that the best thing you’ve got to do is to keep your head up and I do know there are situations that you do not have control over and to such situations you’ve just got to be like *fu*k it all*. They might be affecting you, they might be unpleasant, exactly as the storm, but there’s nothing you can do so *fu*k it all* and roll through as you know that you’ve done your best in that situation. In the end, I really hope that you’re alright, I hope that everything in well and don’t give up – bad situations are always coming in everybody’s lives, it is just the way you stand back up on your feet. I hope everything’s going to be alright and if I can help you with anything you can always write me privately or you could update here.



    so well… this is something that *must happen* as much as I know and that’s because this is what gives life a meaning. There is not an exact answer, as much as I know, as to *why* things are happening, they just happen. I know that unless you are being a religious person, then there is an answer, at least plus or minus. There are good things, there are bad things and there are neutral thing – they just keep on happening, and I think it happens to everyone! As much as it seems, it doesn’t really matter what is your age, your sex, religion, skin color, nationality or whatever else- it doesn’t matter how much you’re praying or going to church. There are people trying to be their best and there are people, as you said, that are doing less *good, human* things and yet good things are happening to them. in the end, bad things and good things are happening to everyone.
    My point is have you ever thought if you would still appreciate the presence of your family and your friends in case nobody ever died? How would you know that you’re going through a *good time* when you’ve never went through a *bad time*? How would you know that you’re happy if you’ve never been sad? I’m pretty sure everyone can realize if thinking a bit more about – what type of a life it would be in case everything, absolutely everything around us would be good and there’s nobody who would ever experience a loss (emotional, financial, physical whatever else). we start appreciating and really feeling the *good things* only after we’ve went through the *bad ones*. And those who went through really bad things appreciate good things much better than those who barely had any bad situations in their lives. Going through a bad thing there’s a probability life prepares you to go through a good thing. I do understand that from where you stand there’s a chance that it sounds great, however this is only because you have experienced in your life, the opposite of it.
    That’s pretty much the only way to go through it as you have to come to terms with this. you need to know that there are highs and there are lows and you need to acknowledge them. this happens to everyone in everybody’s lives. The point is that you need to keep on moving forward as the more you will keep on moving, the better chances are that you are going to reach your high. people are coping with these situations in different ways and there are some people who find it hard to cope with all of this, that’s why there are other people who can help, so if you find it all too hard, you might need to talk with such a person. Hopefully this would be any helpful to you.



    Agreed, there are no people that are going only through the high or people that are going through the low. There are people who are *stuck* on their low but that’s because they don’t have enough will power to keep on moving forward in reaching the high. in the end, bad things are happening to absolutely everybody, with no exception. But yes, the hardest part it is to realize that this is going to end, regardless if we’re talking about the high or low. What we need to do is to focus on the good things!



    Hey there Kerman, thanks for answering, what you’ve said is 100% true doubtlessly! However, there are just sometimes that it seems I’m getting more lows although I’m trying to be the a good person compared to other people who don’t even try to be a better person. In the end, it would be very nice to get the easy path. But no, in the end ,I am not ever going to give up on pushing forward and I know this for sure, I won’t give in or to at least stop on progressing further. It is just the fact that from time to time I’m getting discouraged and I often think and see that there are not *fair situations* or at least that what it seems.



    People often focus on bad things rather than positive things and people often don’t realize how good of a life then actually live. Just think about how you could have been living without legs and arms, how you could live being all paralyzed and all you could move is your head only, how about having cancer? Your kids or loved ones could be terminally ill… how you could be in prison for a crime that you did or maybe did not even commit… just think about how you could have lived in a country where war continues to go on day by day and your whole family and loved ones just died in a matter of seconds in a bombing zone and yet you simply do not have time to care due to the fact that you’re already slowly dying out, either because you’re starving or a million of other reasons.
    Then, after thinking about millions of these examples just think that none of these things are happening, or at very least, not all of these things are happening. There are bad situations, I do agree, but just think that it always could have been a lot much worse, I’m quite sure. it could be so much worse that it defies comprehension. We’ve all got to stop whining, there are people living some much harder/ worse lives and yet they are living a much better live, only because that’s how they think and how they decide to live – they stopped whining – we’ve all got to stop doing it.



    I can guess that it is just much easier to start on whining over the negative instead of starting to appreciate the positive, but that’s what defines a happy person from a none happy ones. We often can see unhappy millionaires and happy poor people. Regardless of how gender, religion, financial situation etc. etc. we can be happy or we can be not – it mostly depends on what we choose to focus on.



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