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    So, as much as you can see, I would really appreciate if someone can help me with this question. I have got clean from psychoactive drugs now for about the last half a year or so and I am having an extremely low sex drive. In fact, I would say that I have no sex drive at all now. I would say that I feel as if it is like about the second or third month of sobriety so it seems I’m finally there as the sobriety finally *arrived*, however now has fallen off again. To be honest, I don’t feel at all like having sex or to masturbate a lot of the time. In fact, it is nothing compared to how it used to be in the past. And even during the time when I do it, most of the time I am simply losing the interest in doing it further, therefore I am losing the sensitivity and also the hardness in the meantime. There are often cases when I can start doing it and will not even finish.
    As much as you can understand, this is obviously an very big problem, it is an even bigger problem because I’m now in a relationship with somebody that I have been together for the last couple of years now (during the time I have been doing meth and other shit of this type we would periodically break up for some small periods of time and during that period I was having sex with other people, however we would still always come back together and most of the time for the last few years we have been together). This is even a bigger problem since she started to mention my lack of interest in sex (but I guess it is obvious as she noticed it, of course, and she obviously suffers from it as well) but she also makes it about her. To be honest, this is indeed making me feel extremely bad as I don’t actually know if this is overall low sex drive or if it’s indeed me who’s just a whore.. I mean, I do know for sure (which I guess is obvious) that for a fact, if it was a brand new girl that would try to have sex with me then I would most likely have a lot much more enthusiasm (I guess that’s something that any other men knows) but I feel that this is getting too much of a problem. Plus it makes me feel even worse the fact that I do know the fact that I would have much more enthusiasm having sex with another girl. Anyhow, I can feel that mainly, talking about the root of this problem that I am having it is often because of the fact that I am being sober compared to the fact that I have been living completely differently for the last 10 years while I was only fucking (with multiple women) and doing only activities that are brining pleasure such as getting high, having sex, drinking etc. etc.
    In the end, I can guess that what I’m getting at with all of this is wondering if any of you guys here have ever experienced sex drive problems after you have got sober after years of drug use (not sure if this applies after getting sober after years of alcohol use) and most importantly, what were the methods you’ve applied in order to make it start working out again?! Thanks!



    Either you are a young man or an old man it doesn’t matter as you surely knew all the dangers and risk factors of using meth and yet, you ignored them and were still doing it. to be honest, I do find it to be an very immature and ignorant move from your part, to be honest. To be honest, I don’t actually get it and can’t understand what are the reasons of doing that. In fact, to be honest, you still sound to be ignorant and this doesn’t sound to be very serious.



    You’re being serious in saying that? This is a Human Growth Hormone forum where people are discussing taking of HGH, steroids, peptides, insulin, and many other drugs/ substances that may put your health at risk, some of them carry their own and others are carrying similar risks of getting sexual health ruined in the long run. Do you honestly think I was asking for that kind of an answer? Why do you even feel so high and mighty?
    Yeah I did used meth, as many others who used meth and as billions of others who used other substances such as alcohol, nicotine, meth, amphetamine, LSD, heroin etc. etc. and I did it because that’s the type of person that I am, a person that has to experience it all! I’m generally a person who uses it all and tries it all. I have had phases with pretty much every drug that I know in my life because I’ve always wanted to try it all. And eventually, with drug use you end up with the king of stimulants and also the king of downers, meth as well as heroin, respectively. This is a progression which, of course, is negative, nevertheless, I don’t fully regret doing it all. I have experienced high and I have experienced lows in my life that many other people will never experience them. I have lots of experiences and felt lots of things, experiences and feels that many people, again, will never have.
    In the end, you sound to be like a boring lame kind of a guy who doesn’t have anything else to do than just write such kind of lame comments.



    Hey there, I am not an expert here but I was just thinking… is there a possibility that all of this is simply in your head only? And by the way, the question is for you OP, just ignore that dumbass.



    Oh yes, I do agree with other people commenting here, I mean, you’ve just got to give it a bit more time and you’re going to be fine. I’m quite sure that you’re going to be alright. In fact, I can say here that it is something very normal and natural for your sex drive to go down after you’ve got clean and after you have been with the same person for a decade. In fact, I cannot see how this won’t happen after this time. There are some people who might even call this a healthy thing going in a relationship and I don’t see how I could call them wrong. I just think that as soon as you are going to go on a testosterone cycle then you are going to experience the exact opposite problem as you are going to want it happening like 5 – 7 times per day! And trust me that’s going to be a problem either! In the end, I just hope that it is all going to be sorted out for you 😉



    Yes, to be honest, I do think that quite an amount of it is, in the end, a mental thing. But except for that and the rest left is, in my opinion, the burnt out dopamine in my brain that I have done with my lifestyle. And by the way, I am currently on 2 pins into a test E cycle as I have started recently and so, I am going to check it how the things are going to go further in the next 3 – 4 weeks. I hope that in a month my libido situation is going to get much better, but I can’t, of course, be sure.
    And also, I do think about the fact that compared to all of those years of abuse that I have had and all the damage I’ve had to my brain and to my body, only 6 months is by far not enough so I do think that there are still good chances that I’m going to get much better with time. At least I really hope so and I keep on hoping for the best. I just noticed that I have a big inability to enjoy the things and simply I am not feeling actually like myself, feel somehow strange, and these feelings have been greatly getting to me as of late, but as I said, I just keep on hoping that they are going to go away. But this is getting over me and I start thinking as if depression is going to get over me if it continues like that. It does seem to me as in the gym it is the only place and the only time when I do not feel all like this, when I’m not feeling as if I’m a robot.

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