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    Hey there everyone, as much as we all can see here, people are talking about insulin and discussing details about insulin, but we all know this is a bodybuilder forum site. with this being said, I would really like to know what are the benefits of it? as of recent I have started to do my research and I have been reading about steroids, I have been reading about HGH and other gears, nevertheless, I have got confused at the use of the Insulin and its benefits. From as much as I could read online, I do know that the primary use of the insulin is to make your cells turn glucose into glycogen and yet is this all it does? And plus, please explain as why is it so high rated by body builders? What are their benefits? Thanks a lot in advance for your explanation!



    As much as you noticed, bodybuilders are searching/ discussing and using insulin and they do it for a good reason. The insulin is allowing the amino acids and the glucose to be pushed into the muscle cells and therefore, this is greatly stimulating the muscle protein synthesis at some higher doses. So as much as you can see, this is a great benefit for a bodybuilder. In addition to this, it may also increase the production of the testosterone by increasing the FSH and the LH numbers. In addition to this, there are also some other synergistic things with the hGH and with IGF-1. In the end, you should know that the insulin it is a very anabolic hormone.
    However, there is always 2 sides of the coins so you should know that it has benefits, but it is also among one of the most dangerous substances to use and by using it people should be extremely careful. By using some improper dosages this could literally kill you so nobody should use it without proper knowledge. Due to the fact that we are not being allowed to talk about controlled substances on this board and generally on forums, I am not going to talk about the dosages or anything that it is being related to purchase this thing, however you should pay very big care if trying to do so and generally, it is advised not to do it beforehand.



    That’s the exact answer that I was looking for – simple, explicative, informative! Thank you extremely much for this. I’ve always been interested in the science behind the body building and their gears.



    Well, what’s important to mention here is that everyone is able to purchase slin without a prescription and since everyone is able to purchase it without a problem I can think that this would be fine if we would discuss about it here explaining a few notes that are very important to know to my opinion. First off, yes, maybe that’s not a very good thing to say, but I assume that everyone who gives their interests already knows that you can literally simply walk into a pharmacy (even in the USA as well) and get it without a prescription. And yet, that’s not recommendable to do and with all of this being mentioned there is something that people should be warned about:
    First off, indeed, it is one very and very dangerous substance that you shouldn’t even think about trying it out, regardless of how many and how good benefits you’ve heard about it. if you do, however, have ideas of trying it out, then you really need to do a lot (and I mean, A LOT) of research about this before you would actually do it. secondly, I don’t know you and I don’t know your age, but make sure that you are old enough as I heard of people who are not even in their 18’s and they already consider such things and that’s one huge mistake. To be honest, not being at least 25 I wouldn’t even think about this thing. A lot of people are considering insulin something like a *final step* in their performance enhancing, and many of those who think about it, don’t try it out due to its risks. All of which, to my opinion, is the right thing to do. Another thing is that pretty much like what I mentioned earlier, the use of insulin is recommended only for some very and very experienced users of steroids (experience of years!). and that’s especially since the best benefits of it are being received when using it all along with steroids, growth hormone and igf 1 – all of which can be dangerous if not used with proper knowledge. Lastly, assuming that you’re not going to be stupid enough to take the dosage that would kill you or simply using it carelessly enough to do some dangerous damage to your body, you are still able to put on some crazy amounts of fat in case you are not going to be careful enough using it and you slin.



    Except for the fact that I do agree with everything that has been mentioned above as this is all true there’s something else to mention which is that using too much (for prolonged time) insulin, it could create a tolerance as well, which is another big problem to my opinion. And another thing to know is that insulin sensitivity is optimal depending on each person meaning that even if that’s your friend who recommended it (or simply uses it) – it doesn’t mean that it would be as good for you too.



    I knew that I might get such kind of responses but that’s ok as I understand it. but I have say that I was not even thinking about doing it and using insulin. I guess I should have mentioned that in my first post. I have only been wondering what it did and what’s the benefits (reasons) as the bodybuilders are using it. and yeah, I do know that reaching the good limits is often hard to do and so the steroids are a bit of a long shot. Anyway, thanks everyone for your heads up and thanks a lot for all the answers I’ve got here.



    And yeah, to be honest, that’s the right thing to do

    I knew that I might get such kind of responses but that’s ok as I understand it. but I have say that I was not even thinking about doing it and using insulin. I guess I should have mentioned that in my first post. I have only been wondering what it did and what’s the benefits (reasons) as the bodybuilders are using it.

    Researching and knowing information is always good so that’s the right thing to do, and not doing it is also the right thing to do as it is super dangerous. It is very simple: just do not use insulin, simply don’t! and to be honest, I wouldn’t even touch the steroids unless I would have a professional reason in doing this AND the professional knowledge in doing this. to be honest, I can feel that there are waay to many people out there that I can feel are getting into steroids due to the fact that they are being already addicted to this feeling of getting bigger, having the growth and being able to lift heavier and heavier weights and also (or) have lost their perspective of their size and they just want to get bigger and bigger in order to meet the image from the muscle magazine covers, or something in this matter. To be honest, that’s by far not a good idea and by far not a professional reason in doing so. It wouldn’t be the right thing to say that you can’t, however a very serious question would be – why? Just why would you need or want to use steroids and insulin? Generally, doing sports is always healthy but steroids (and other controlled substances like steroids) are when the bodybuilding and doing sports is getting dangerous, unhealthy and complex. But then again, insulin it is not an option! It is as a last resort even for the heavy users!

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